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Tricky JQL queries for ACP Exam Candiates

When preparing for one of the ACP exams, it is worth reviewing your knowledge by evaluating what you already know. This will boost your confidence and will decrease the risk of panic when you get an ‘out-of-the-blue’ JQL related question.Below I have prepared a few tricky JQL queries below. Check if you know them and

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Jira JQL Best Practices


Jira JQL Best Practices for ACP Exam Candiates

Tricky JQL questions can be easier to answer, if you follow the Atlassian JQL Best Practices, which we often forget or simply do not know.

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Global Loop Advanced Workflow in Jira

If you have been using and administering Jira for some time, chances are that you have not heard yet about a global loop workflow transition. This is a unique type of transition which is available for an issue all the time as a button and is not linked with any status. Just recently this functionality has been released in Jira Cloud and it is a good occasion to compare it in Jira Server and Jira Cloud.

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A smart way to disable issue editing using workflow properties

Sometimes when tasks are resolved or closed, you want to make sure that they will not be modified any more. In this article I will show you what you can do to disable issue editing functionality using one of Jira workflow properties.


Two must-have Jira workflow properties, to make your users happy

In this article I will show you two Jira workflow properties settings which are important to configure in every workflow to make the positive user experience.


Two effective solutions for Jira Resolution field setting

When creating new workflows, it is easy to forget to set up issue resolution when a task is transitioned to status Done or Closed.

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Teach Yourself Jira

jira administration beginner's kit

Teach Yourself Jira Administration

Teach Yourself Jira Administration is my selection of best Jira Administration courses for Jira - over 30 hours of recordings. 

Over the years I have used and reviewed many tutorials and courses. In this book you will find only the few recommended by me, with good and effective content for which you will not have to pay (or pay very little, if you follow my instructions). Additionally, there is also one recommended course bundled with a paid certification exam.

When you study Jira Administration, it is best to follow what you learn in a real system, so I included a tutorial to create your own Jira Cloud Server.