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Jira Administrators are in high demand today

Below is an example job ad from the Atlassian Community Jobs & Careers board.

Give it a test! Open your favorite job searching website and see how many job ads for Jira Administrators you will be able find.
Check these companies in your areaand you will be surprised by their demand.


Is it easy to become Jira Administrator?

No, it is not easy and not everybody can do it, but....

Becoming an expert in any technical specialization area does not come easy, requires time, lots of effort and perseverance.

BUT that is exactly the reason where the value is coming from.

If you have been using Jira as key user or project administrator, you are not starting from the very beginning. You may already have some assets you were not aware of yet. That is a perfect moment to consider if you want to continue your journey in the Atlassian world.

 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


See below what assets you may already have

These assets will be a tremendous help if you want to become
a Jira Expert working in an internal or external Atlassian competency team


Advanced Jira User

Have you used Jira for more than a year? Are a project administrator? Do you work with your Jira Administrator on implementing new requirements?

If you know how to use Jira from the user perspective or, even better, from the project administrator perspective, getting to the expert level is not that far away for you. If you already are an advanced user you already know some basic terms and functionalities needed to be configured from the administration level. This is certainly your strongest asset.


Industry Experience in your line of business

Do you have experience in introducing new business processes, managing projects or maintaining a line of service? Do you know how to work in groups, run workshops?

If you currently work as Business AnalystProject ManagerService Manager or Process Design Expert, this experience is a strong asset. Jira Experts usually work with specialists from these areas so any business experience there is very useful and will help you be a better partner during implementations of new processes. Jira is always used in a process context so it is good to have specific process experience.


Interest in IT Applications

Do you work in the IT Department? Do take part in projects where IT is an important element of the scope of works?

Working as an Atlassian Expert means designing, configuring and maintaining Atlassian applications. Every day! In order to do this job, you need to have a genuine interest in IT systems and applications. Even if you are passionate about configuring one Jira project and its workflows, it is already some proof of your interests. Do you like IT systems?


Every day you Learn Something New

Are you an avid learner who wants to learn new skills all the time? Do you learn how to use new applications and that is how you became an advanced Jira user?

Atlassian releases new versions of their applications quite often. And now there is Jira Cloud which changes on a regular basis. If you add to it new releases of the most popular add-ons to Jira and to Confluence, this means that you need to gain a lot of knowledge every year. To be an Expert in Atlassian means to be an avid learner who wants to be on top of what is going on in Atlassian. Do you want to learn?


Interest in Training Others

Are you a super user in Jira? Do you help others when they have problems in using Jira. Do you organize trainings for new employees in using Jira and processes?

Being an Expert is connected with teaching others. You do not have to organize formal trainings to be a trainer. If other team members from your company come to you for help and are happy with your support, this means that you have a very valuable in any consulting work. Training others is an integral part of systems implementation.

Jira Administration - how to start?

Start building your Jira Administration expertise following these 3 steps

Step 1: Set up your own playground to practice

You need your own Jira Sandbox where you can freely practice what you have learned and try new things. There are a lot of Jira apps and functionalities to learn. This is why you will need your own and unrestricted Jira Software Cloud to test things out.

Step 2: Sign-up to administration courses and practice

Sign-up for good quality on-line courses and practice using your playground sandbox. There are some good and tested courses for beginners in Jira Administration. Plan your study and practice regularly if possible. Give yourself time to grow your skills and try to put into practice whatever new you have learnt. See my free e-book for more details about courses you could take part in.

Step 3: Aim for the Atlassian Certified Professional certification

Atlassian has got a well developed certification program. Companies, especially Atlassian Partners, are looking for Jira specialists who are Atlassian Certified. Main certifications prove the experience and Badges confirm the willingness to continuous learning. Set it as your long term goal to pass the ACP Exam.

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