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I am looking for Reviewers and I hope you can help me. 

I have written an e-book for Jira Administrators to help them develop one of the most critical skills - writing advanced JQL query formulas. 

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About the book and your role

Title: JQL Cookbook - Learn from 100 Examples

This book is my collection of selected and practical JQL queries that you can use in your Jira application. There are exactly 100 JQL intermediate and advanced query formulas ready to use in Jira. You can also review the queries to get better prepared for any Jira related Atlassian Certified Professional Exams.

Your Role

I will be very grateful if you agree and become a Reviewer of this book. If you join the group of reviewers, I will give you an access to this book on Google Docs. Your role will be to read the book, try a few JQL queries and make comments. You can also let me know generally what you think about the book by e-mail eg. did you like it, is it useful, can you recommend it etc.

Your Reward

As a reward for your time spend on helping me, I will send you a final version of the book in a form of PDF (at no cost of course).

Ready to help? Follow these steps.

Step 1. Sign-up with an e-mail

Press the button below which will create an automatic e-mail message. Include your Google e-mail address in the message, which you will want to use to get access to Google Docs. NOTE: I will not add this e-mail address to any mailing lists. This will only be used once (in Step 2), to give you an access to Google Docs document.

Step 2.Get confirmation and access

Wait for the confirmation e-mail from Service Desk (check your SPAM folder).
Up to 24h you will receive another e-mail from me, with a link to your individual online copy of Google Docs with the book draft ready for your review.

Step 3.Review the book

Use your Google Account to login and get access to the shared documentw with the e-book. Make comments or suggest improvements. Deadline for reviewing and commenting the book is 22 May 2022.

Step 4.Receive a free PDF e-book

After I finalize the content of the e-book, you will receive a copy of it for free. I will send you an e-mail with a link where you will be able to download your personal version (May/June 2022).

Can you help me?