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Get 100 carefully selected JQL queries with examples
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Can you learn JQL from the Atlassian documentation?

BGO Photo About

Hi, I'm Bogdan Gorka, Atlassian Expert

I passed 4 Atlassian Jira ACP Exams (ACP-100, ACP-600, ACP-120, ACP-620).

Each of them had a few not-so-simple JQL related questions. Even if you already have many years of experience, you do not use all types of JQL queries every day. Me neither.

Some JQL queries, which you will see on the Jira exam, may be a big surprise to you. The ACP Exam questions are written to trick you into wrong answers. 

That approach applies also to JQL related questions. What is more, I bet you have never seen some types of queries which are tested on the ACP exam. 

To prepare for the ACP exam, you should review the Atlassian documentation. Yes, I agree.

But do you really want to learn JQL by going through the Atlassian Documentation or the Atlassian Community? 

You will find there only simple examples which will not be very useful for the ACP exam. Searching for valuable examples will take you a lot of time - the time you need to prepare for other topics in your ACP exam preparations.

Accelarate your study with less effort, learn from 100 examples and save many hours of JQL research.

Do you need JQL at all?

The answer to this question is obvious - YES!

Of course you need to know JQL, especially if you plan on becoming a full-time Jira Administrator but also regular Jira users will greatly benefit from this skill. It is not a very complex subject, to be honest. It only requires some practice.

But, it is hard and time consuming trying to understand JQL by memorizing all the types of possible fields, operators and values just from the Atlassian documentation.

It is much more practical to use examples, experiment with them and build up your own queries yourself.

In this book you will find 100 examples to learn from and to build up your own queries.

“I could be doing meaningful, impactful and rewarding work,
but instead I am trying to understand JQL.”

Jira Administrator's troubles with JQL

  • More than 90% of queries has to be prepared in Advanced Mode. Atlassian documentation has enough information to help you build JQL queries in advanced mode. Yet, this documentation is not very helpful when you want to find a good example that will help you solve your specific problem.

  • You need years of experience to know how to combine fields, operators and functions into working complex queries. You also need to understand how to optimise queries for building filters, kanban boards and dashboards. It takes time to find good examples on Internet to help you in that.
  • There are many good articles on Internet about JQL queries, you just need to find them first. Then you will need a lot of time and effort to organize these queries into a collection. This collection should be easy-to-use and searchable as your personal Knowlege Base.

  • As Jira Administrator, you need to frequently build new queries in your configuration (for example in Jira Automation). Many times other users expect the support from you to build JQL queries for them. Often you loose time searching for your previously working formulas because you do not collect them in an organised way.

  • Every Jira related ACP exam requires from you a deep understanding of formulas but it is hard to find good exam-type examples to get you well prepared.

Save time on your ACP preparations

You should not underestimate JQL ACP questions, because you use JQL in you work every day. 

Preparing for the ACP exam, will need from you a lot of preparation and time. On the exam day, there will only be a few JQL related questions but they can be hard to answer. It is better for you not to loose valuable points on wrong answers in JQL related questions.

It is smart to learn the needed material for the JQL topic spending as little time as possible and focus on other, more complex topics. You can save time, when you use the compact content of this book and learn from examples to get well prepared for the ACP exam. You will save time for other exam areas.


“10 to 15% of the ACP-120 Jira Administrator for Cloud Exam total score is tested on how to:
1) translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries
2) manage shared filters and dashboards and identify the outcome of filter subscription configurations”

ACP-120 Jira Administrator for Cloud Exam Requirements

Save time
as Jira user or
as Jira Administrator

How many times have you searched for a JQL example in the Atlassian documentation or somewhere else on the Internet?

I have done it hundreds of times. These minutes add up to hours and hours to days and weeks of wasted time. But now I do not have to do it any more.

Some time ago I created a compact list of the most frequently used JQL queries for my internal use. This saves me precious time when I need to look up a good example which I can extend or merge with another JQL query that I already have.

You can do so too. To save your time, you can use a table added to this book. This table will help you find a specific keyword or operator and grab a good example which you can adapt to your needs


“ACP-620 Managing Jira Cloud Projects Exam Requirements - 15 to 20% of the Exam score
1) Translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries”

ACP-620 Managing Jira Cloud Projects Exam Requirements

Start learning from examples

This book is all about examples and includes a section for beginners too. If you are only starting your adventure with the JQL, you will learn the basics a lot faster using real-world examples with explanations.

This book will serve you well as reference also later, as it contains easy to find recipes once you know what you are looking for. Also, recipes can be combined with each other.

Price: 12,50 EUR

Check out

What will you get in the book

65 Pages of pure content

Short introduction for JQL beginners 

For all Jira users who need a refresher before diving in the advanced JQL, I explain the basics in a simple non-technical languange.

JQL recepies with Quick Reference Sheet

In this chapter you get 100 JQL (mainly) advanced query examples with explanations. The JQL collection follows a different grouping logic and queries are combined by fields, by people, by dates and by text.

Jira ACP Exam Practive Questions

For those who are near the ACP exam, you can test your skills with my carefully crafted ACP questions and see how many of them you will solve correctly.

What will you NOT get in the book

  1. 1
    JQL relating to Agile
    I decided not to include Agile related fields (such as Version or Sprint) because they have never appeared on any of my ACP Jira tests. Also I do not use them very often in my work. There are only a few fields relating to Agile and, in my opinion, reviewing them in the Atlassian documentation should be sufficient for your work and the ACP Exam.
  2. 2
    JQL relating to Jira Service Management 
    This is a very special area of JQL and one needs to understand the service management process basics before learning JQL (they may be tested on Jira Service Management exam ACP-420).
  3. 3
    JQL from Jira Add-ons
    Many add-ons, especially ScriptRunner, have their own JQL functions. They are very useful but I did not include them because they are not tested on any of ACP exams.

What value will you get?

Here is what beginner users will get with the book

  1. for the JQL Starters - less advanced JQL recipes with detailed explanations
  2. every query can be tested in your instance (subject to data availability for date related queries)
  3. Jira Server and Jira Cloud differences explained

Here is what advanced users will get with the book

  1. Advanced JQL recipes with detailed explanations.
    This is my own collection and something you will not get in this form in any Atlassian documentation
  2. Effective accelerator to your study if you are preparing of one of Jira ACP exams (ACP-120, ACP-620, ACP-610, ACP-100, ASB-104). Spend time on other more advanced topics and learn all the ACP needed JQL tricks in a few hours.
  3. JQL Quick Reference Sheet
    Do not put the book away after you have reviewed it. This book is not for reading but for using. Once you learn how to use the queries without explanations, use the Quick Reference Sheet which you can print and keep on your desk.
  4. 10 original questions, which simulate those from the Jira ACP exams - test yourself with the most common tricky questions
    for long-term use: 100 queries on 3 pages - quick reference printable sheets which you can print and keep on your desk to save time.
    In this section I added 10 ACP simulated questions using the JQL queries from the book. In this way you may test yourself before your real exam. They will be a good test before any Jira ACP exam or a good preparation for the ASB-410 Pro Skill Badge (JQL in Jira Service Management)
Bogdan Gorka presenting on a conference

About Bogdan Gorka

In my work as Atlassian Expert and Solution Architect I need to know quite a lot about using Jira functionalities. 

Writing complex JQL queries belongs to my daily routine. But I cannot keep every little detail in my head so making notes and managing knowledge is a very important aspect of my work. 

That is why I use various tools that accelarate my work and help me in learning new things. Based on this need, the content for this book got created - from my notes that I collected and organised over a few years.

I am confident that if this collection is practical for me so it can also be practical for you and other Jira Administrators.

What book reviewers were saying

I asked readers of my blog to review the book before publishing. Here is what they said.

I liked the book. Definitely the section about working with dates will be useful because it's hard to find something noteworthy which explains this topic the way you do in your book. The rest was familiar to me, but it will definitely be useful for people who are starting their adventure with JQL. 


Jira Administrator

I must congratulate you on the book.
It’s excellent and well written. I have made a start on my review. I will give up a bit of time daily to do the review, which I’m absolutely enjoying. 


Jira Administrator

Reviewing the book was a pleasure. There were a few things I did not know about. I am looking forward to publishing your book. Let me know when the book is ready for purchase.


Junior Jira Administrator

14 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the JQL Cookbook for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all — you do not have to worry. Purchase today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 14 calendar days. I will then process your refund within 14 calendar days, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be a Jira Administrator to use the book?
    No you do not. This book is inteded to be used as reference by every Jira user, also Jira Administrators.
  • In what way will this book help me during my ACP exam preparations?
    This book will help you review your current knowledge and will show you tricks which you may find especially tricky and difficult during the ACP exam.
  • How much time do I need to prepare for the JQL part of the ACP Exam?
    If you review the content of this book after you have studied your ACP preparation courses, this should not take you more than 3 days to learn and practice.
  • Why is this book so expensive? Why is this book so cheap?
    JQL Cookbook was designed to help as many Jira users as possible (and especially the ACP exam candidates) understand JQL queries in a shortest possible time. With this book you do not need to browse through Atlassian documentation, articles or make notes when reviewing ACP preparation courses. In order to achieve that, I wanted to make the price as affordable as possible and keep the content as compact and easy to use as possible.
  • I will not sit for the ACP exam yet. Will this book help me in any way?
    It depends. If you use JQL in your daily work as Jira user then yes. There are many useful JQL queries which you can use for your personal issue filters and dashboards to make your work easier. Also, you can use JQL in many Jira apps like Automation, and better leverage their value with the data you need. Apart from that, you can use other Jira users you know and help them use JQL in a more optimized way.
  • What if I do not find the content of the book useful for my needs?
    I can offer you a 14 calendar days no-questions-asked money return guarantee. If you apply for a refund, you will receive it within 14 calendar days. Please refer to the procedure here.
  • Why should I pay for the book with JQL examples when they are available on Internet?
    This book is an organised knowledge base of the most useful JQL queries. With random exercies from Internet you would have organise them yourself. Buying this book saves you time. Also, you can keep expanding the collection of JQL in a format proposed in the book. This will be a great investment of your time to manage the knowledge you already have.
  • I am currently preparing for the ACP exam. Why should I buy the book if there are some examples on the Atlassian University website?
    True, there are many good examples available from Atlassian University and you should definitely review them while preparing for the exam. In my book you will find a collection of the most advanced and tricky JQL queries explained in a natural and easy to remember language. This will help you learn how to decode queries and be therefore well prepared for tricky questions that Atlassian authors may come up with.
  • When I pass the ACP exam (or not) will I still need this book?
    Yes. This book was written as and easy-to-use reference and can be used all the time. One of the few skills in Atlassian tool set which does not get old is the ability to write good JQL queries.
  • Does this book cover the entire JQL functionality in Jira?
    No. If only this was possible, the book would have to be much thicker and more expensive. I included only the most useful JQL queries focusing on these queries that may come up on the ACP exams. See the section ‘What will you not get in the book?’ for exclusions.

Learn JQL today and save your time!

For only 10,00 EUR

Questions relating to purchase

  • How will the e-book be delivered? Will I get it immediately?
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Make the first step today

This collection of 100 JQL queries is a result of a few years of collecting examples during my work as Jira Consultant and during my preparations for Atlassian ACP exams.

I believe that all Readers who buy this book will find it practical in their daily work. More than 90% of JQL queries are prepared in Advanced Mode. It will be so much easier for you to use Jira if you have a ready-to-use collection of queries which you can combine and modify without the need to look for another Jira Community article. And if you expand this collection yourself, this will be the best investment of your money and time for the future.

Price: 10,00 EUR